Radical Edge
The Radical Edge
  2013 was a year of new beginnings for Radical Educational Society. It set to explore the new heights in technical education.  Radical technical Institute was conceptualised to make difference in research based practical knowledge and thus produce young women and men of academic excellence combined with integrity of character.  We promise to break the boundaries of structured courses and look beyond academics for comprehensive development of our society. Radical is not only a collection of buildings with best architecture or the best of faculty in the region, but it has a vital living entity, a personality, a philosophy and a character.

Supportive and Visionary Management:  Our visionary management  is envisaged a system which provides hands on learning  technical knowledge which could be applied to practice goals producing better results with greater efficiency.

 Introduction of Innovative methods of Teaching and learning : Digital classrooms and use of  other audio- visual aids make a significant and sustainable difference in how quickly students learn, how much they retain, and how swiftly they can utilize new concepts to create their own new solutions. We make the students to challenge the assumptions and practices of the laboratories and classrooms.

System of Open Sharing: 
At Radical we discourage compartmentalisation of departments. We follow the system of open sharing by arranging workshops, conferences and seminars in which all the students and faculty are encouraged to participate and is uniquely effective.  

Reshaping Course Curriculums:
We have reinvented the teaching and learning experience both by reshaping courses across the curriculum and dramatically improving the learning experience.  

We have introduced MOOCs Mentoring programme at the campus and have set a MOOCs Cafe which is a very unique concept The program has no curriculum, no exam, no grades and no credit - just a goal of connecting young students with accomplished scholars  working in STEM fields. Prominent universities - including the California Institute of Technology, Cornell, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley are the Universities providing mentors. MOOCs Mentor delivers personalized instruction to the students to pursue a certification program in the concerned subject.  Students learn new and relevant skills to deal with real-world projects. Subject matter has been designed with a blend of effective readings, assignments and short video lectures.

Best Infrastructure

  Wi- Fi Campus
  Well Furnished A.C Classrooms
  Well Stocked Library to cater to the academic needs of the teachers and students
  Competent and Dedicated Faculty

Language Lab: Good communication skills are indispensible for the success of any professional.  The ultramodern language lab is very useful for assessing a student’s speech providing them with technical tools to get best samples of pronunciation. The software’s stimulate the eyes and the ears of the learners to acquire and master the language quickly and easily.

Extra Curricular activities: Academics alone cannot shape the personality of a student, but it is the result of many forces working together.
At Radical the students are encouraged to organize many cultural and technical events with the help of the teachers. It proves very effective in building teacher- student rapport as well as unleashes their hidden talents.Welcome party for the fresher’s, Teachers day, Engineering Pride Award 2013 and Techno- Spark 2014 were organised in Session 2013-1014.

Dynamic Counselling Cell: Radical is the first and only Institute in the region to have introduced psychometric test designed by Brent Wood Company.

We acknowledge the individuality of every student. The Brentwood psychometric test is a scientific tool which helps students to choose a stream best suited for them is based on their aptitude and capabilities.